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Our Mission

Stevie the Wonderdog Co is on a mission to Spread Stevie Joy across the world by connecting us all through Stevie videos, merchandise, and donating the proceeds to rescue & shelter animals in need of our love and support.  


Spread Stevie Joy...

The Stories

Check back here often to see the stories of each animal that is helped by your purchases.  Wear & use your Stevie gear with joy, knowing you've helped an animal in need.   

Current project:

This month (February 2023) we are doing a special fundraiser for the 100Dogs (100Hunde) project in Brazil... 

They are a private sanctuary with over 80 dogs on their property and they are in desperate need of funds to move to a new location. 

A little backstory on them:  They were given a piece of land to house the dogs by the local government, however, they are taking the land back and have already started using it as a landfill which is affecting the drinking water for both dogs and humans. 

100Dogs has another piece of land but needs to raise the money to build shelter for the dogs on that new property.  This is where the #StevieSquad comes in!  With every purchase you make during the month of February, all proceeds will be donated to the 100Dogs project and the building of their new sanctuary shelter.

You can also make a donation directly to the 100Dogs project here:

Paypal donate here

Read more about the 100Dogs project here:

100Dogs Project


Past donations:

Here are some of the animals & organizations we've donated to since starting this store...

Olivia & Millie

(From their GoFundMe) Hi, my name is Marie and I am raising money to purchase a custom wheelchair for my dog Olivia. Olivia is paralyzed from the waist down and has been using a WalkinPets wheelchair, however, she really needs a cart that can be custom fit for her and her needs, which we will purchase through Eddie’s Wheels. 

We were saving for one and then hit with a lot of vet bills from Olivia’s chronic UTIs so we are starting from scratch again. We recently had another pup come into our home, Millie, who was paralyzed in the rear end and has since regained function. However, she still needs a bit of help when we go out on walks longer than 10 minutes or so. 

Millie is so full of life and energy and would love to be able to enjoy longer walks, hikes, and adventures with the rest of the crew! Our thoughts are, if we can get Olivia her custom cart she so desperately needs, her current one can go to Millie to use and then will be donated to Scoot to the Stars Rescue when she no longer needs it. 

Thank you so much for reading and for any support, whether through donations, sharing, or even your kind words. It all means so much to us.  

You can follow our wheelie crew Olivia, Millie, Scooter, and Buttercup on Instagram @scoottothestars and @wheelieworldwarrior


Wild Hearts, an organization based out of Chicago, that provides continuous, comprehensive care to animals with mobility issues and the people that love them, in the form of: financial & resource support, veterinary services, holistic rehabilitation therapy, assistive devices, ongoing education and more.


The Humane Society of Hobart, Stevie's hometown shelter, which cares for and assists 3000 homeless pets each year to find their forever homes, and often receive needed medical care.